About Us

Janus is a recent auction house, established in 2016, carrying a passion for the World of numismatics in its epicenter. Our main areas of service are numismatics, philately and ephemera. We always aim for the best value in our auctions, and the best quality of service in regards to our collectioners.

At Janus, our philosophy is simply quality, reliability and trustworthiness, combined with our dedication to numismatics.

It is our esteemed belief, that collecting reaches beyond the limits of a hobby, and it is a far greater attempt to preseve history.

Coins and currencies,not only represent some of the most exquisitie relics of our history, but they also give, us collectioners, a chance to connect with history.
The Janus staff is committed to guiding all collectors from around the World, in achieving their ambitions.

We deeply believe in the value of human experience; therefore we are devoted to being accesable and avaliable to all our clients, with our expersite on the field.
As Janus Team, we wish to extend our ties strong to our clients, and help them enrich their experience in the world of collecting.


Janus Auction House