Platinum Yabancı Kağıt Müzayedesi

This banknote is a 1 Mil Réis banknote issued by Banco do Brasil, which was first printed in 1923. This banknote is part of the period of the United Brazilian Republic, which lasted from 1889 to 1967. The value of the banknote is 1000 Réis in the Real currency, used from 1799 to 1942. The dimensions of the banknote are 123 × 62 mm and it is rectangular in shape. The banknote was printed using lithography technique on paper.

On the obverse, the portrait of Manuel Ferraz de Campos Salles, the 4th President of the Republic (1898-1902), is located in the center. Above the portrait is written "BANCO DO BRASIL" and below it is written "NA SÉDE DO BANCO DO BRASIL SE PAGARÁ AO PORTADOR DESTA, DE ACCORDO COM A LEI N.4635 A DE 8 DE JANEIRO DE 1923, A QUANTIA DE". This text states, "Payment in the amount of one thousand Réis will be made to the person who possesses this document, in accordance with law 4635 of January 8, 1923, at the headquarters of the Banco do Brasil." It means. Below this text it says "CAMPOS SALLES" and "UM MIL REIS" which means "Bin Réis". The banknote was printed by the American Bank Note Company.

On the reverse side, the coat of arms of the United Brazilian Republic is located in the center. While "BANCO DO BRASIL" is written on the top of the coat of arms, there are "ESTADOS UNIDOS DO BRASIL" and "15 DE NOVEMBRO DE 1889" underneath. These phrases mean "United States of Brazil" and "November 15, 1889". The banknote was also printed by the American Bank Note Company.