Mehmet V Reşad 2 Kurus 1327/3 Monastery UNC

It was printed during the reign of Mehmet Reşad, the 35th sultan of the Ottoman Empire, that is, between 1909 and 1918. This coin, minted under the management of Mehmet Reşad Sultan, is a valuable source for both the state of the Ottoman economy and the history of the period.

In this work, the characteristics and historical importance of a 2 Kurus silver coin from the Ottoman Empire are examined in detail. This coin, minted in Monastir in 1327, has a diameter of 18 mm and a weight of 2.40 g, with a silver content of 83% and offers important clues about the economic and cultural structure of its period. This rare piece, of which only 13,000 copies were printed, has a unique value for collectors. Coins contain valuable information reflecting the historical texture and socio-economic structure of the period.