Bosnian Medal

History lovers and medal collectors, attention! The Bosnian Medal is a unique medal from Bosnia, located in the heart of the Ottoman Empire. This medal, which was presented to the soldiers sent to suppress the uprising in the region in 1266 A.H. (1849 AD), emerges from the dusty pages of history and sheds light on the present.

Featuring an elegant monogram on the obverse and a crescent and a five-pointed star on the reverse, this medal symbolizes the artistic craftsmanship and deep history of its period. These medals, minted in gold, silver and other alloys in both 37 mm diameter and weight, bring a message from the depths of history. The Tughra and text of the medal were made by Mustafa Efendi, and the pictures were made by Mr. Robertson.

This rare piece was given to the officers and soldiers who witnessed the difficult history of Bosnia and suppressed the rebellion. A treasure that will grace the showcase of every collector. Are you ready to discover the story of this historical medal and add meaning to your collection?