The Precious History of the Vatican City State: 1963-1978 Vatican Liret Collection

Discover and own: a unique collection of coins from the reign of Pope Paolo VI, minted from 1963 to 1978, reflecting the special history of the Vatican. This complete and original set represents the rich heritage of the Vatican with rare coins ranging from 1/2 to 500 Lire. Each piece is produced in accordance with the Vatican's exacting standards and has deep historical significance.

Special Attention to Every Details of the Set:

The collection includes coins of all denominations put into circulation during the rule of Pope Paolo VI.
These coins, carefully produced by the Vatican Mint and reflecting the spirit of the period, are decorated with intricate details and superior workmanship. The collection consists of 17 sets, each representing a different story and era.

Superior Quality and Verified Authenticity:

Each set comes with an Echtheitszertifikat (Echtheit certificate) proving its authenticity, so you are assured of the value of your investment. The collection is numbered and confirmed as a limited edition, along with documentation stating that it is produced in limited quantities.

Elegant Presentation and Protection:

All pieces are presented in a special Vatican velvet box; This provides an aesthetic appearance and protects your collection.
Each set in the box is specifically designed to provide quality and protection that will stand the test of time.

This collection is an excellent choice not only for coin collectors, but also for anyone who appreciates historical and cultural heritage.