England 10 Shillings ND (1915) P#348b PMG 30

Great Britain 10 Shilling ND(1915) P #348b

The British Treasury produced bills worth 1 Pound and 10 Shillings under the name "Bradbury Pound" on 7 August 1914, as an alternative to the one and half gold liras that it wanted to keep in the Central Bank's safe during the mobilization.
They also brought these bills to Çanakkale to be used in Istanbul, Turkey, by printing "One Hundred and Twenty Silver Kurus" and "Sixty Silver Kurus" surcharges in Ottoman letters. When they were frustrated, they gathered them back from the soldiers.
When imitations of the 1 Pound John Bradbury banknote, printed without watermarks, appeared, it was put into circulation by printing an authentic endorsement under the guarantee of the "National Saving UK" bank, which was established in London, United Kingdom in 1861, but it was immediately confiscated. These coins, which can be obtained and are very rare, are sought after by British collectors, Ottoman and world paper money collectors.