Ottoman Crescent-i Ahmer Medal in its Original Box

The Ottoman Hilal-i Ahmer Medal is an order awarded to honor the services of the Ottoman Empire's humanitarian aid organization, the Hilal-i Ahmer Society (today's Red Crescent). Founded during the 1877-1878 Ottoman-Russian War, this society played an important role in humanitarian crises.

History and Importance:
In 1877, Sultan II. The Hilal-i Ahmer Society, founded under the auspices of Abdulhamid, operated to provide medical aid for wounded soldiers and patients in wartime and to provide various health services in peacetime. The Hilal-i Ahmer Medal was given to honor those who contributed to these aid activities.

Reasons for Giving:
This medal was given to doctors, nurses, volunteers and those who supported aid campaigns who made significant contributions to the Hilal-i Ahmer Society.

The Ottoman Red Crescent Medal offers a unique opportunity to collectors and history enthusiasts due to its historical value and connection with humanitarian aid work. In this auction, do not miss the chance to add this valuable medal to your collection, reflecting the legacy of this important charity organization of the Ottoman Empire.

Technicial Specifications:

Material: Bronze and enamel
Diameter: 35mm
Weight: 20 grams
Obverse: Red crescent and "Ottoman Hilal-i Ahmer Cemiyeti" text in Ottoman on a white background
Reverse Side: Plain, decorated with floral motifs
Ribbon: Silk ribbon with red stripes on a white background, a metal plate with "Ottoman Hilal-i Ahmer Society" written on the top and Sultan II. Abdulhamid's signature
Box: Original box with red velvet inner lining