Ottoman Empire Scutari Defense Medal - A Unique Historical Artifact

Medal for the Defense of Shkodër:
The Medal for the Defense of Shkodra, awarded during the Ottoman Empire, was given to honor the heroism and sacrifices shown in the defense of Shkodra Castle during the Balkan Wars of 1912-1913. This medal, II. It was presented to the Ottoman soldiers who achieved important military successes during the reigns of Abdulhamid and Mehmet V Reşad.

Historical Background:
Shkodra was of great importance to the Ottoman Empire due to its strategic location and military importance. During the siege of Shkodra, which started in 1912 and lasted until 1913, Ottoman forces showed great resistance to defend the city and its castle. This medal symbolizes this resistance and the superior courage of the soldiers.

Technicial Specifications:

Material: Silver
Diameter: 28mm
Weight: 12.35 grams
Obverse: Ottoman monogram and star motif, "Defense of Shkodra" inscription at the bottom
Reverse: Mosque depiction and decorations
Hanging Hole: The hole on the top of the medal, indicating that it was worn as a necklace or hanger at the time.
Artistic and Cultural Value:
The medal is an example of Ottoman art and craft of the period. The Ottoman signature and other decorations on it are embroidered with high quality workmanship. The details of the medal reflect the cultural heritage and military history of the Ottoman Empire.

Collection Value:
This rare Medal for the Defense of Scutari is of great value to collectors interested in the military and cultural history of the Ottoman Empire. This medal, which is important both historically and aesthetically, makes a unique addition to collections.

This unique medal is an important document about the historical and cultural heritage of the Ottoman Empire and is a rare piece that should be in your collection. As Janus Mezat Auctioneering, we are proud to present this historical work to you, valuable collectors, in our auction.