Ottoman Empire Cedid Yemen Medal

Jadid Yemen Medal:
The Jadid Yemen Medal, awarded by the Ottoman Empire, was given to honor the soldiers who showed outstanding service and courage during the military operations in Yemen. This medal was awarded to Sultan II. It was given during the campaigns organized during the reign of Abdulhamid to consolidate Ottoman rule in Yemen and suppress the rebellions.

Historical Background:
Yemen was a strategically and militarily important region in the late Ottoman Empire. The rebellions that broke out in Yemen between 1905 and 1911 were suppressed by the Ottoman army and great heroism was shown in this process. The Jadid Yemen Medal was created to honor these heroism and sacrifices.

Technicial Specifications:

Material: Silver
Diameter: 25mm
Weight: 8.6 grams
Obverse: Detailed Arabic writings and motifs, Sultan II. Abdulhamid's signature
Back Side: Detailed Arabic writings about the Yemen operation
Hanging Hole: The hole on the top of the medal, indicating that it was once carried on a hanger or ribbon.
Ribbon: Ribbon with red and green stripes
Artistic and Cultural Value:
The medal reflects the fine workmanship of Ottoman art and craft. The detailed Arabic inscriptions and motifs on it reveal the aesthetic understanding and cultural richness of the period. The details of the medal provide important clues about the military history of the Ottoman Empire.

Collection Value:
This rare Jadid Yemen Medal is of great value to collectors interested in the military and cultural history of the Ottoman Empire. This medal, which is important both historically and aesthetically, makes a unique addition to collections.

This unique medal is an important document about the historical and cultural heritage of the Ottoman Empire and is a rare piece that should be in your collection.