Hilal-i Ahmer Exhibition Medal - A Unique Souvenir from the Ottoman Empire Hilal-i Ahmer Exhibition Medal

This rare medal, given in memory of the Hilal-i Ahmer (Red Crescent) Exhibition held in Istanbul in 1917, was created to honor individuals and organizations that support humanitarian aid activities.

Historical Background:
Hilal-i Ahmer Society was founded in the Ottoman Empire in 1868 and is a humanitarian aid organization that aims to help wounded and sick soldiers and civilians in need in times of war and peace. During World War I, his works gained even more importance and the exhibition held in Istanbul in 1917 was held to support these activities. This medal is a token of gratitude given to those who contributed to the exhibition and donors.

Technicial Specifications:

Material: Bronze
Diameter: 60mm
Weight: 100 grams
Obverse: Relief figure of a soldier and a nurse, Istanbul skyline in the background, artist signature (G. Herrmann)
Reverse: Hilal-i Ahmer emblem and inscriptions, "Hilal-i Ahmer Exhibition, Istanbul, 1335 (1917)"
Artistic and Cultural Value:
On the front of the medal, Ottoman soldier and nurse figures are engraved in detail. Istanbul's mosque skyline is in the background. This medal, signed by artist G. Herrmann, reflects the artistic and cultural richness of the period. There are Ottoman writings and the Hilal-i Ahmer emblem on the back.

Collection Value:
This rare medal is of great value to collectors interested in the humanitarian history and cultural heritage of the Ottoman Empire. This medal, which is important both historically and aesthetically, makes a unique addition to collections.

This unique medal is an important document of the Ottoman Empire in the field of humanitarian aid and social responsibility and is a rare piece that should be in your collection.