Ottoman Medal of Merit - Imperial Order of Honor and Courage Ottoman Medal of Merit

Awarded by the Ottoman Empire, the Medal of Merit was awarded to honor courage and sacrifice. It is presented for military achievements, public services and outstanding services in line with the interests of the empire.

Historical Background:
This medal, which has been awarded since the late 19th century, emerged as an important award during the modernization efforts and reform movements of the Ottoman Empire. It is issued to both civilian and military personnel.

Technicial Specifications:

Material: Silver
Diameter: 25mm
Weight: 7.5 grams
Obverse: Ottoman coat of arms and detailed motifs
Reverse: Ottoman inscriptions and history
Ribbon: Red and green stripe, crossed sword motif on top and Ottoman text
Symbol: Scales of justice and instruments of war
Artistic and Cultural Value:
There is the Ottoman coat of arms and detailed motifs on the front of the medal, and Ottoman writings and the date on the back. The crossed sword motif on the ribbon emphasizes military and courage elements.

Collection Value:
This rare medal has great value for collectors interested in the history, military achievements and cultural heritage of the Ottoman Empire. This medal, which is important both historically and aesthetically, is a collection.